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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Vesthimmerlands Vinter Cross Cup

This blog post is somewhat different, as there is no ultra running content. However the Vesthimmerlands Vinter Cross Cup deserves a post.

 I came across this tournament of four races in Vesthimmerland, Denmark, when I last year was searching for some trail races during the winter after another trailrace was cancelled due to too few participants. This was the only alternative I could find and after running one race I was sold.

Race director Per Christensen has put together an as simple as genius concept: 4 km route which can be ran once (4 km) or twice (8 km), somewhere in a (very wet) field or (muddy and hilly) forest without the luxury of showers or indoor heated places. 100 runners and a lot of sponsor gifts, plus hot chocolate milk/soup afterwards. Where other races start to ask for quite high entry fees, this is almost free (especially considering you are likely to go home every fourth  time or so with a lottery price, which includes headlamps).

Anyway, this year I was of course back together with a bunch of collegues (even more fun), and had put even set the target to run top 10 every run in the 8 km. How did it go:

- November, Paradiset. A good start: number 9.
- December, night run Skovbakker. I found out my headlamp is fine for all night ultra's where I run rather slow, but too weak for running fast. Since I did not win one of the lamps, I get to do some gearshopping :-). Despite the little light I managed to come in in 10th
- January, Uhrehøje. Best run for me. Good shape and good day. 7th place.
- February Vesterbølle, bad day, 11th place

Overall I ended 6th which is fine, but I can do better, so I will be back next year. Most of all, as this is a very nice concept of pure, simple, raw trailrunning without any bells and whistles. Want to know more check

My next goal on the way to Dolomiti Extreme Trail: Uhrskov trail in April as a serious test. Some work to be done before that :-)